★★★★★ I had the pleasure of attending a workshop on leadership skills facilitated by CE. During the workshop, we covered a lot of ground in two hours. It was helpful to participate with a diverse group of people who included engineers, bankers, business owners, public health specialists, and information technology specialists. We talked about several aspects of leadership including communication, team engagement, and problem solving. The exercises led to lively discussions about leadership. I would highly recommend this workshop to people who would like a fresh approach to building their leadership skills.
— Irene Gathuru, Public Health Professional
★★★★☆ I had the opportunity to be part of on September 13th workshop. Unfortunately this was a very trying time for me as a manager and was experiencing a staffing crisis in my office. I struggled with how to keep staff and help them to be successful and not feel defeated. Your seminar was a huge inspiration and I am happy to say I currently have ALL of my open positions officially filled, and my office is on an uphill swing! Staff are smiling, they are positive, and they are eager to step in and help when needed. (Believe me when I say this was not the case just 1 short month ago!) I owe much of this to what I learned and implemented from your seminar. I look forward to additional training opportunities! I can’t Thank you enough- I LOVE seeing my staff smile again!
— Karla Pagan
★★★★★ When I retired as President CE Leadership Group were an integral part of training and preparing our Leadership Team to support the new President. This was a major change for us. They broke down change to an understandable level and clearly explained the great opportunity that was on the way. As a result of working with them on this transition, our Leadership Team was ready to support and assist the new President from day one. We have now successfully transitioned our leadership and have moved on to planning for the future. The company is stronger today than it was when we began the training.
— Ian Sadler, Former President MCC International
★★★★☆ The CE Leadership Group and classes have been great. The once-per-month, half-day classes give me an opportunity to brush up on my current knowledge and expand on new ideas to grow personally and professionally. It is refreshing to be in an environment of people who also want to progress beyond their current status quo.
— Brandon Stadelmyer, Keystone Environmental
★★★★☆ I used this class/exercise at a managers meeting with everyone in attendance including the owners. They all had agreed that their personality style was true to the outcome. Then I came up with a specific example and explained how I would approach each one of them differently based on their own personality. I also made copies of the exercise for the managers so they can have their employees do the same. Everybody learned how this technique gives the managers a “personality advantage” in any situation that they may require a discussion between the manager and employee, with increased productivity for all.
— Tracey Weber, Purvis Brothers Inc.
★★★★★ I enjoyed the the interactive discussion guided by Joe of CE Leadership Group involved all attendees in a way that allowed me to understand the perspectives of others and borrow techniques that others have found successful. I looked forward to the monthly meetings, as I felt empowered by what I learned each time. I still refer to my course materials whenever I need a reminder of positive techniques to use in my workplace. Since completing the course, I have been promoted and am leading a facility design project, working with other stakeholders, and it is a huge job!! I seriously keep my binder of class materials close at hand and recently when I interviewed a new-hire, I reviewed the section on interview questions to select some good ones. I highly recommend CE Leadership Group and this course!
— Bridget Fitzpatrick, Quality Lab Supervisor Berlin Packaging
★★★★★ Working with CE Leadership Group has been a great experience. They created customized training to meet the needs and goals of our organization. They guided us through the strategic planning process; which resulted in our Strategic Plan, created by our Leadership Team. Their ability to speak to our people at all levels with different backgrounds and experience was very important. I would highly recommend any organization looking to improve their Leadership and Management within their company work with CE Leadership Group, they can make a difference. I look forward to continuing to utilize CE Leadership Group to help us achieve our goals and develop our people.
— Trevor Dunthorne, President MCC International
★★★★☆ I have enjoyed and benefited immensely from the leadership classes, the topics are useful and practical. Our company is very pleased with the training we received from CE Leadership Group. It is timely and relevant and presented in a very professional manor.
— Cecilia Astarb, Owner Daly Care
★★★★★ A customer had a fuel issue. From what I learned from a previous topic, I apologized for the service breakdown then actively listened to the customer’s complaint. I worked with him looking for a solution to the problem, we found out it was a lack of preventive maintenance work that was the real cause, not a fuel issue. We gained customer for life and with a revenue of 30-35k per year.
— Bill Caudill
★★★★★ I used this module to create a strategic plan for a fragrance library for a new client, with potential for $400K in incremental revenue.
— Chantell Gerena
★★★★☆ I used techniques from the module to plan for scaling a product from benchtop to production, with expected savings from reduction in waste of $100K.
— Melanie Croce
★★★★☆ I used this module to develop a client communication strategy and plan to increase revenue by $200K.
— George Jackus, BDO
★★★★★ I used techniques from this module to strategize on the organization’s 2018 membership drive; yielding a clear, precise, trackable plan.
— Dahlia C., Girl Scouts of PA
★★★★★ I used techniques from this module to successfully launch a software update, yielding $100K in incremental revenue.
— Andy Crawford
★★★★☆ I used techniques from this module to redesign the firm’s supply chain to Mexico and Canada.
— Susan Sopko, Ricola North America
★★★★★ I used techniques from this module to develop strategic plans for two key initiatives that she is responsible for, with an expectation of >$100K in incremental revenue.
— Nancy Laskey
★★★★☆ I have always been skeptical of training courses, particularly for small companies like mine. However, the team at CE Leadership Group has done a tremendous job to ensure the content and learning are relevant to my business and what I face on a daily basis. I really enjoy exchanging ideas and learning from all the participants. The monthly class format has created the accountability I need to truly take action on what I learn in the classes.
— Bruce Golden, Owner & Founder Keystone Environmental Services
★★★★★ I find these sessions very helpful in running my business. It not only helps me with different issues such as employees, and clients it also shows me what I am doing not as well as I could. I recommend this program for anyone who wants to have a better run business and take it to the next level. There is something for all managers in the program.
— Bob Bierly, Owner & Founder Riverview Carpet Flooring