Have you done any leadership training for your people at work?

How did it work? What type of results did you get? 

Have you been in leadership training classes yourself?

Are you a better leader for your organization after attending those classes?

The answers to these questions are for a lot of people: yes, me and my people have attended leadership classes and no, it has not worked for us.

Have you thought about why? Once we are back to our work we don’t have time to look for the reasons why training did not work for us and we just go to the next thing in the agenda. Well, here is why and what to do to make the leadership lessons work for you and your people.

Research has shown that as adults, we learn more from experience than from any other source of knowledge. In professional life, we grow (in average) 10% from what we learn formally in a classroom. 20% from what we learn by talking to others and 70% from what we experience from real life.

 We should attend classes, yes, that will give us the main concepts and ideas about specific topics, also if that class is more a workshop form where we can interact and learn by sharing and listening to other people's experiences and perspectives, that will give us the next step in the learning.

But the secret ingredient: once we get back at work, we have to take actions with the new learning. We have to put in practice as soon as possible the ideas we want to bring to our work.

That is why it is critical to creating Action Plans and we need the support of an organization that will encourage to review, install, and take the right actions that will create improvements for that organization. All these components together work way better because it is not leadership training anymore; it is now leadership development.

Don’t attend a leadership class thinking you will be a better leader after it. Attend the class with the mindset of sharing and learning from others, holding up a mirror, evaluating any previous experience related to the topic, working in the concepts to improve the experiences you want to see in real life, and then take all the action needed to make that approach a reality.

Leadership is not something you can learn in a classroom, it is a transformation that happens as a result of the actions you take after.