What you already know is limiting your achievements.

We all know that things are the way they are… right?   And what if things were not the way we think they are?, what if they were different?

When you think things are in one specific way, you close your mind to other possibilities and solutions

Is like knowing the road that goes from A to B, that is how it is and that is how you go from A to B. As soon as we are convinced that is the way things are, all other options disappear very fast, and if there is a problem we find it hard to do it any other way.

We see this effect every day in all organizations.

But if you could see things differently in your everyday work, how would our perception change?

Would you perceive differently your peers?   …your employees?   …your supervisors?  

Your entire workplace?

An interesting paradox is this:

When we are totally certain about something that we know specifically, it generates big frustrations, because we can’t see other options to get answers.

Things are very rarely how we think they are, most of the times all facts around us are different to what we know. But once we think we “know” how things are, we can easily block ourselves to other possibilities of how things could be.

But once we start questioning things, we start seeing other options around us as well.

One key mission of leadership training is to generate ways that can change people’s mindset for them to change their perception of their surroundings. Wit a different perception comes a different mindset and attitude towards other people and in general towards all the workplace.

Using Organizational Neurology, the trainer works with the participants so they can question what they think they know and can find options where they think there are none.

In this way, people being developed by the training will know more about themselves and they will find new options that will be useful to achieve their purpose.

An impactful training program should help people to question things they already “know” so they can be open to new options and possibilities.

So when we are experiencing attitudes issues at work, there are some the exercises that we can use to help people get unstuck from that issue, and look for more options for an answer.

Most things around us are not one way or another, we are always interpreting how they are for us, at the very moment that we are sure about how something is, we are likely to close our mind to different options for solutions.

If there is a roadblock that is getting in your way of finding a solution to a specific problem you are having at work, you should question that reality and make a shift in your perspective to perceive it differently.